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Hello Dollface Proudly Presents Their New Album

Warrior Of Light,

Premiering On All Available Online Platforms May 6, 2016.


The Band’s Inimitable Vagabond Soul Is Displayed on

Ten Tracks That Seamlessly Blend R&B, Rock, Jazz, Funk, Down-tempo Electro-Pop, Roots & Indie-Folk.


The Band’s Following In The Southwest,

Is Bolstered By iAM MUSIC, a 501c3 Non-Profit

For Empowered Music Education, Mentorship Through Music

& a Network for Professional Musicians.



The music of Hello Dollface unfolds with unexpected flashes of color - a flower blossoming in the desert, the fractured kaleidoscope of your favorite daydream, a voyage into a twilight, streaked with the soothing hues of a summer evening. Their dizzying, ever shifting, hallucinogenic visions drift along like the perfumed vapors arising from a Minotaur’s cave or the green flash of a forest glimpsed through a tiny keyhole. The group is a five-headed monster, a good witch meets Medusa kind of thing, moving in every direction at the same time. Think soul cataclysm, the wail of a Warrior Goddess, driven by dub-conscious indie rockers, a jazz-inspired bubbling cosmic soup, all stirred by a heavy backbeat.

The creative explosion that gave birth to the Hello Dollface phenomenon took place in Southwest Colorado. Vocal powerhouse Ashley Edwards wandered through Spain, Sweden, Vietnam and China, trying to save the world with a song and a smile. After landing in the Rockies, she collided with bass player Jesse Ogle. He’d just quit a West Coast electro jazz/funk band for the serenity of the high desert. Intent on creating something bigger than a band, they envisioned a dynamic musical community that would bring musicians, students and audience together in a spirit of cooperation, rather than competition from this, the core of Hello Dollface and iAM MUSIC was complete.
“iAM MUSIC is a 501c3 non-profit music education organization, as well as professional artist network,” Edwards says. “We teach students of all ages and all skill levels, to create a conscious society through the power of music.”  They also reach out and encourage collaboration between artists and various projects and bands helping less-recognized national indie acts exchange shows, tours, and ideas. The group has hosted, and participated in, numerous benefits to raise funds for scholarships with an array of non-profits in their region, but their scope is global. On their self-booked tours, Hello Dollface spearheaded the group’s mission with over 800 shows, building contacts throughout the Western United States, Canada and Mexico. This spring they’ll be visiting Iceland, Norway and Sweden, in an effort to create an even larger global village.

Eventually, they aim to help put empowered music education back in the community, create sustainable income for artists and help artists and musicians tour nationally and internationally. “Community is where we grow, nurture, share our talents, make our living as full-time artists and exchange ideas,” Edwards says. “We want to expand our connections beyond individuals, urban cityscapes and social or political boundaries. We are all magical beings; we came here to create!”
As a band, Hello Dollface generates relationships and platforms for connection. iAM MUSIC provides authentic experiences for these relationships to be nurtured with cross-pollination of fans, students, musicians and people from the community. iAM MUSIC’s recent two-day iAM MUSIC FEST! included performances of more than 20 bands, artists, dancers and poets on eight stages, engaging artist workshops, and an artist panel to create a dialogue for the unity and empowerment of the artists and musicians involved. Hello Dollface was at the center of the convocation, creating connections and delivering a multi-faceted performance of their original set; a collection of songs that are urban and ethereal, thick and sticky, spacious but not spacey.
Their expansive, ever shifting music is an elastic exploration of time, space and diverse styles, with lyrics that simmer and grow richer with repeated listening. The concerts are always alchemical affairs. They send out insidious tentacles to permeate the hearts of listeners, imbuing them with a vision of creating a conscious society, using music, art, and authentic expression as the building blocks.  Warrior of Light, the new Hello Dollface album, was self-produced by the band, in effort to showcase the band’s authenticity and to preserve their vantage point for shopping the right producer for their future body of work. A few vocal tracks were recorded at WaveLab Studios (Calexico, Amos Lee, KT Tunstall, Neko Case) in Tucson AZ. The backing vocals on Title Track “Warrior of Light” in addition to “Say” and “Carry Me” feature some of Tucson’s  soulful vocalists Genevieve Gaus and Charlie Hall (The Socials, Genevieve and the LP’s) whom the band considers additional resident members. “We wanted to capture some of magic of the energy of our Soultribe in AZ”, says Edwards. Hello Dollface has spent much time developing strong ties and deepest friendships within their network of thriving music and artist community in AZ. “We feel often closer to AZ than we do CO, our home state. It’s about the same distance get to Phoenix as Denver.” says Ogle.  
Closer to home, however, the majority of this album was recorded in CO with vetted Chief Audio Engineer Jeff Jack Jones, who has voluntarily worked with the band in-studio and live since 2010, refusing any form of payment for his services. In addition to the band’s successful $10,000 Kickstarter (tied to their prior release) these prime examples capture the magic and supportive community surrounding this band. “The new album Warrior of Ligh calls to many different listeners because it has shape, diversity, and direction,” Edwards says. “We call it ‘vagabond soul,’ a genre tour of throwback, passionate, soulful ballads, downtempo electronica, jazz, pop, lyrical R&B jams, with the slightest hint of reggae.”  
The pop/rock/downtempo electronic elements are balanced by jazz influenced syncopations and instrumental solos, featuring odd time signatures, meter changes and complex harmonic textures. “Test Crash” starts quietly, with subtle snare rim shots, a meandering bass line and twinkling piano. The soundscape opens up by adding dub effects to Edwards’ voice, before she takes flight on a series of breathtaking improvisations, while the band’s rhythmic accents wander in and out of time. The jazzy R&B of “Intuition” floats along, with Edwards scatting in the background. The chorus opens with a volley of distorted power chords, sliding into a bridge, featuring a vocalese rap and a bright, sinuous clav solo. Stinging wha-wha guitar figures and a funky backbeat introduce “Face It.” Edwards delivers a tongue twisting, slightly before the beat vocal, that slips into an easy skanking reggae chorus. A stinging, bluesy electric guitar solo sets up the coda, another chance for Edwards to explore the limits of her vocal and emotional range. “These songs are filled with a balance of angst and acceptance,” Edwards says. “Letting go and shifting your perspective are the underlying themes on this album.”
Hello Dollface specializes in expressing complex emotions with insightful songs, driven by perpetual rhythms, with an ever-shifting onstage line up. “We embrace all aspects of the community, not just bar goers and we try to make the majority of our shows accessible to all ages," says Edwards. They also have integrated elements of video projected onto the band to enhance the overall surreal visual and sonic experience. The band has collaborated with performed with circus, lyra dancers, and silk aerialists choreographed with the music. Edwards continues "Collaboration is a huge theme in our theatre shows. Sometimes we’re two, sometimes we’re four, or we’ll fly in string or horn players from our wider community, when we can. It can be a huge production or an intimate, raw acoustic setting. The band and iAM MUSIC have many different aspects. We’re always transitioning, always evolving, always seeking new ways to grow, always surprising our audience and ourselves.”



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"Blend the harmonic sense of Innervisions-era Stevie Wonder with the skeletal downtempo beats of Portishead, and top it up with a scorching soul singer: that’s the magic recipe for Hello, Dollface, a southwest Colorado-based project comprised of vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Ashley Edwards and bassist Jesse Ogle..."

-The Big Takeover, Brooklyn NY

"Blend the harmonic sense of Innervisions-era Stevie Wonder with the skeletal downtempo beats of Portishead, and top it up with a scorching soul singer: that’s the magic recipe for Hello, Dollface, a southwest Colorado-based project comprised of vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Ashley Edwards and bassist Jesse Ogle..."

-The Big Takeover, Brooklyn NY

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Live new track. 

Film Courtesy of Paul Mcpherson and SHUTTERFREEK

Encore: Doo Wop (Lauryn Hill) 
and Carry Me (original track)

Encore set in Reno, NV. Northwest Warrior Tour 2015

Film Courtesy of  STUDIO ON 4th Reno, NV

#HDFNordicTour 2016 A morning jam on a balcony in Oslo, Norway with a new song called "Visualize". 

A little gem from the  #HDFNordicTour  Summer 2016

Balcony Session in Oslo, Norway

A sweet videoblog captured while writing a new song called "Slow Down" on tour in Mexico shot with our very own quality iphone cam.  ;)  

Title inspired by Miles Davis Sketches of Spain, the soundtrack of the Desert Beaches Mexico Tour.


A Collaboration, and original track by VE with Hello Dollface band live at Shady Lady Sacramento, CA 

FILM courtesy of Kevin Corpassi


A live vid of an original track as a 3 piece at the Animas City Theatre in CO. 

FILM courtesy of Inside Durango TV.

A live vid of HELLO DOLLFACE presents BOB MARLEY as an 8 piece at the Henry Strater Theatre in CO. 

FILM courtesy of Secret Burger Media.


A live original track HELLO DOLLFACE as a 4 piece at Taste of Durango Fest with B-Side Players and Ojo De Buey.

FILM courtesy of Jen Hartzog.


An original track acoustic self-session HELLO DOLLFACE as a 6 piece in Jerome, AZ

feat. Gen Gaus and Charlie Hall

Check out Gen and Charlie in the Socials (Tucson, AZ)


Prince Cover. HELLO DOLLFACE presents Party Like Its 1999

NYE SOLD OUT SHOW as a 6 piece feat. Tim Mclaughlin.

Film courtesy of Lauren Merrit.


An original track filmed in the desert. HELLO DOLLFACE as a 4 piece in 2011.

Film courtesy of C&S Films.




A brash, au courant brand of soul with an eclectic jazz-folk origin. A he with a bow & a she with a vocal arrow; upright bass, martin guitar. One voice, keys on the side. Strings tuned in the key of the heart.


Having shared a career of over 800 shows together,

2 of the full band, a local Southwest favorite Hello Dollface are hitting the region with a raw, stripped-down version of their project featuring original music that will pour over a glass of red on a cozy week night.


=HELLO DOLLFACE acoustic 2.o 

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